The Team

James Hart

CEO & Founder

• Launched his own software product at Google London HQ 2018 • AI Foundry Program with Manchester University R+D 2021 • 6 years experience leading his Google Adtech / Marketing company

Christian Hart

XR Chief & Founder

• HOST 50 Program, XR Accelerator 2021 • XR filming, hologram and VFX technologies • eSports/Professional Gaming - University of California Irvine, XR Engineering - University of Michigan

Michael Romarate

Future World Champion Boxer

• 11 years pro boxing experience • 14W 1L 1D (9KOs only loss 9 yrs ago) • Star of TV documentary on his journey from humble beginnings in Philippines into the combat sports metaverse


Illustration Artist

• British artist • From the Dsgn Crtel • Cyberpunk enthusiast

Matt H

Community Manager

• Ex-AAA video game tester • UX designer • Hardcore MMA fan

Rui X

VFX Artist

• Environment artist for VR games • VFX specialist • Unreal & Unity Engine

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