round 1

Q2 21 - Q1 22
pre-launch (COMPLETED)

  • Company formation (March 2021)
  • Accepted onto AR/VR startup accelerator HOST & Unity Centre of Excellence
  • Innovate UK funding approved
  • Metaverse filming R+D
  • Sign boxing superstar Michael Romarate
  • Filming for 'Michael Romarate' TV documentary
  • Create project whitepaper, NFT art, official music soundtrack.

Find more information about Innovate UK-funded projects and the HOST AR/VR startup accelerator in our Discord.

round 2

q2 22 - Q3 22
MFL NFT launch (in progress)

  • MFL NFT drop, community building
  • NFT prize draws: ETH / UFC VIP Packages / PS5s
  • Concept art & Game Design Document (GDD)
  • Major gaming fund/metaverse provider partnership
  • Apply for 2nd round of Innovate UK funding

Find more information about our game fundraise and our gaming development partnerships in our Discord.

round 3

Q3 22 - Q2 23
metaverse game development

  • NFT sports governance voting system
  • Game dev: VR Metaverse App (Meta Quest) + 3D hologram integration + NFT pass integration
  • UK Sports Board approval of new combat sport
  • 3D hologram test filming

Find more information about our sports governance voting and volumetric filming partnerships in our Discord.

round 4

Q2 23 - Q1 24
metaverse live event launch

  • VR Metaverse Fight App - Meta Quest Launch
    (Q1-2 2023)
  • Onboarding 5 new fighters to the roster
  • Live PPV Metaverse Arena Event (Q4 2023)
  • Payment system mechanics
  • Female Fighterpunks NFT Collection TBC

Find more information about fight talent choices and the first live metaverse event in our Discord.

round 5

GROWTH & scale

  • Second Live PPV Metaverse Arena Event
  • Game dev: PC/SteamVR, Apple MR, PlayStation/PSVR
  • USA Filmed PPV Live Metaverse Arena Event & Music Event Launch
  • Significant funding round to scale the MFL
  • Partnerships with major combat sports stars

Find more information about our future vision for the project in our Discord.

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